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Blow Away Vase by Moooi

Blow Away Vase by Moooi

$1,655.00 CAD

Design Front, 2008

A classic Royal Blue Delft porcelain vase that experienced something truly bizarre…it has been blown aside by a powerful gush of wind. The wind motion becomes part of its features and its beauty also lays in the fact that it is bent but not defeated.

Each vase is handmade and illustrations are applied by hand, each vase is unique.

Porcelain, produced by Royal Delft

Blue & White

30.5x26cm | 12”x10.2” (HxW)

Cleaning Instructions
To clean the Blow Away Vase Moooi recommends gently rising the surface of the item with warm soapy water and a soft sponge. Do not use abrasive cleaning products or harmful chemicals. For stubborn stains please soak the item in warm water first to loosen any dirt or plant debree then begin the cleaning process. Moooi recommends always reading the label of any cleaning product you wish to use on or near any item form the Moooi collection.