Delft Blue No. 10 Vase by Moooi

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Marcel Wanders designed a collection of ceramic vases for Moooi, all vases are produced and decorated at 'Royal Delft', a Dutch company dating back to 1653 and the original producer of the beautiful Delft Blue ceramics. The vases are reinterpreting and revitalizing Delft Blue and old Dutch craft using new ideas for shapes and decoration.

A set of four pieces, the Moooi Delft Blue No. 10 is a unique option for creating an arrangement on the dining room table. Its traditional ceramic composition includes 2 black vases, one stunning blue and white tray, and a modern rounded vase for smaller buds or stems.

All the items in this collection proudly wear the Royal Delft 1653 symbol. As a sign of quality and originality.

Marcel Wanders, 2008


10.1 Base: 8x44.5x12cm | 3.1"x17.5"x4.7" (HXWXD)
10.2 Vase: 14x12.5x12.5cm | 5.5"x 4.9"x4.9" (HXWXD)
10.3 Vase: 26x13x13cm | 10.2"x5.1"x5.1" (HXWXD) 

Cleaning Instructions
To clean the Delft Blue collection Moooi recommends gently rinsing the surface of the item with warm soapy water and a soft sponge. Do not use abrasive cleaning products or harmful chemicals. For stubborn stains please soak the item in warm water first to loosen any dirt or plant debree then begin the cleaning process. Moooi recommends always reading the label of any cleaning product you wish to use on or near any item from the Mooi collction.