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Smoke Lounge Chair by Moooi

Smoke Lounge Chair by Moooi

$7,674.00 CAD

Furniture finished with fire. The beauty and character of burned wood is now captured in a long lasting material, creating the strange sensation of sitting on burnt furniture.


  • Maarten Baas, 2002


  • Burnt solid wood, finished with epoxy resin, fire retardant (FR) foam, leather upholstery.


  • Height: 40.9"/ 104cm
  • Width: 29.5"/ 75cm
  • Depth: 31.5"/ 80cm


  • The enchanting texture of burnt wood. Each item from the Smoke series share the unfamiliar and untamed finish that is categorised by fire. The smoke chair has a repair kit underneath the seat in case of emergencies.
  • The Smoke series of furniture should be lightly dusted regularly with a feather duster and a damp cloth. To clean the upholstery Moooi recommends using a soft damp cloth. Moooi recommends always reading the label of any cleaning product you wish to use on or near any item from the Moooi collection.