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Multi Basket by Menu

Multi Basket by Menu

$198.00 CAD

Multi Basket by Menu

Designer: Norm Architects

A brand new kind of basket. An aesthetic, durable and functional hybrid between a tray and a basket. The New Norm Multi Basket is our latest addition to MENUs recognizable and distinctly Nordic New Norm universe

Wherever you are heading, from your kitchen to your living room, garden or maybe all the way to beach for a nice picnic, the New Norm Multi-Basket will become your preferred company. A multitude of functions for all occasions and locations adds to the subtle aesthetic that has become trademark of the designs from the hands of Norm.

With the handle elegantly along the side of the Multi Basket, it serves a simplistic tray on your table. However, when you lift up the handle, it will lock into position and become your favorite basket. Fitted containers with small cooling elements will keep your food chilled and fresh and the airtight lids can function as butter boards.

Materials: Felt, Bamboo, Silicone, Plastic

Dimensions:  16" x 12" x 11.5"(handle up)