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Naturals Point Rug by Asplund

Naturals Point Rug by Asplund

$705.00 CAD

Naturals Collection use a natural yarn. That means that the yarn is either lightly dyed
on a naturally shifting yarn or not dyed at all. We have also chosen to mix techniques and materials,some are woven some are knotted, some are actually both.
Colors for Naturals; Nat RYE 64, Nat Light grey 60, Nat White 61, Nat Dark grey 63, Nat Light Green

Asplund has been working with the Naturals carpet concept for two years, using naturally shaded yarn, in new and traditional materials and craft techniques. This yarn gives the carpets a special vivid and organic quality. For colored carpets, a special light dye allows the natural fibres to be visible.

By Sandra Adrian Asplund
Hand woven carpet in 100% natural wool with pattern in different colors.

5 fixed color set:
Greige Nat L. grey, Nat RYE, Nat D. grey)
Greens (Pea, Moss, Nat L.grey)
Bitterblue (Black indigo, Bitter choc, Nat L. grey)
Bluegrey (Black indigo, Nat RYE, Nat L.grey)
Whites (Nat L.grey, Nat White, White 01)


  • 2.6 x 4.9'
  • 2.6' x 8.5'
  • 5.2' x 7.9'
  • 6.6' x 9.8