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On the Edge Lamp by Menu

On the Edge Lamp by Menu

$420.00 CAD

“On The Edge” is a lamp which can be placed either on a table or on the floor. The direction of the light will vary depending on the side on which the lamp rests. “On The Edge” can light up a corner, thus creating a cosy ambience in a room. The mat and smooth surfaces of the lamp invites the user to get a feel of the objects – with respect to both visual and tactile experience. Handling the lamp, the user can change its sculptural expression. The role of the lamp changes from being surface-bound to a more uplifting expression. It may be used in many different positions; and it works as a pendant as well as a floor lamp. An innovative use of clay for lighting. Great function with indirect lighting.

designed by Noidoi


  • Double Layered Ceramic, Silicone
Height: 21.00cm / 8.27 Inch
Width: 21.00cm / 8.27 Inch
Depth: 21.00cm / 8.27 Inch