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Optical Candleholder by Menu

Optical Candleholder by Menu

$80.00 CAD

Optical Candle Holder is a fine and decorative candle holder from the Oslo-based designers Jonas Ravlo Stokke & Øystein Austad.

The holder consists of various geometrical shapes that balance and almost flow on top of each other. It is a bit of an optical illusion. Inspiration came from the infamous Bauhaus movement, their numerous creative experiments with geometry and the quest for the perfect balance between form and function.

When we asked StokkeAustad what the most important thing to remember as a designer is - the duo (amongst many other clever things) said, "It is important for designers not to rely too heavily on CAD while designing. It’s a truly tremendous tool, and today industrial design would not be possible without it, but it’s important to remember that working in cardboard or foam gives you immediate answers, that are difficult to envision otherwise. Especially regarding size and proportions."

Designer: StokkeAustad (NO)
Dimensions: 5.5"w x 3.5"h
Materials: Powder-coated Steel, Matte Coating