Perfection Glass Series by Holmegaard

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Wine expert and designer Tom Nybroe has designed the Perfection range with the aim of creating the perfect wine glass. He succeeded. The result is a range designed for the perfect handling and serving of wine. The characteristic bend in the cup of the glass creates a streamlined and elegant look––and also gives Perfection its unique functionality. All the glasses have been designed with a bend that works as a pouring mark that indicates where the wine will have the largest surface and the best conditions for developing. This means that you avoid pouring too much or too little––to ensure professional serving every time.

Tom Nybroe

Fine glass

Style Options and Size:
23 cl Tumbler: H 9.5cm, 23 cl, set of 6
45 cl Tumbler: H 17.5cm, 45 cl, set of 6
Aquavit Glass: H 16.5cm, 5.5 cl, set of 6
Beer Glass: H 17cm, 44 cl, set of 6
Brandy Glass: H 13cm, 36 cl, set of 6
Burgundy Glass: H 21.9cm, 59 cl, set of 6
Champagne Glass: H 19.5cm, 23 cl, set of 6
Cocktail Glass: H 16.5cm, 38 cl, set of 6
Martini Glass: H 16.5cm, 29 cl, set of 6
Red Wine Glass: H 21cm, 43 cl, set of 6
Sommelier Glass: H 23cm, 90 cl, set of 6
White Wine Glass: H 21.9cm, 32 cl, set of 6

Additional Information:
Dishwasher-safe up to a maximum of 55°C