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Portland Ceramic Pendant Light by Conway Electric (MADE IN USA)

Portland Ceramic Pendant Light by Conway Electric (MADE IN USA)

$59.00 CAD

A simple ceramic-socket pendant light with integrated switch
• Flange on the ceramic socket designed to accept clamp-on light shade
• 18AWG 3-conductor UL-Listed cord available in 12ft length
• Standard 3-prong brass plug
• Copper, blackened or polished strain relief bushing
• Premium stainless steel set screw holds the cord tightly
• Standard E26 (120W max) bulb size works with any bulb
type from LED to incandescent
We strived to make the most elegant, simplest pendant cord using the highest quality materials.
The result is the Portland Pendant, a surprisingly versatile and attractive lighting solution. The
Portland Pendant features a unique and surprisingly attractive ceramic bulb socket with a flanged
edge for attaching a clamp-on shade, giving buyers a way of easily customizing or changing the look
of the light any time. The integrated rocker switch 3 feet from the plug end keeps control accessible.
The finished antique brass strain relief compliments the industrial steel, ceramic and cotton cord
components, making the Portland Pendant appropriate for casual or elegant installations. The cord is
UL-Listed braided cord terminated with a simple 3-brass-prong plug and an integrated in-line rocker
switch 3 feet from the plug end.