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Prisme Flatware by Stelton

Prisme Flatware by Stelton

$38.00 CAD

Design by Holbek & Dahlerup

Prisme is simple cutlery in a timeless design - a true modern classic. Characteristic of Prisme is its special form language, it's exaggerated curves and edges bring a playfulness to the dining table. Despite the success of the legendary Prisme line the company originally producing it ended it's run and now Stelton has included Prisme in Norstaal, a diverse line that consists of 9 separate cutlery patterns. Each piece can be ordered individually or as a set of 16 or 24 pieces.

16 Piece Set:
4 x Dinner Fork
4 x Dinner Knife
4 x Dinner Spoon
4 x Teaspoon

24 Piece Set:
6 x Dinner Fork
6 x Dinner Knife
6 x Dinner Spoon
6 x Teaspoon

18/8 Stainless steel