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Queue Direct/Indirect by Rich Brilliant Willing

Queue Direct/Indirect by Rich Brilliant Willing

$2,656.00 CAD

Design by Rich, Brilliant, Willing, 2016. 
Made in the USA 

Queue is a linear LED pendant system with limitless potential, designed for flexible installation and an inviting presence. These 44-inch, 2300-lumen modular bars of light connect via linear sliding joints and hang from stainless steel wire loops, allowing for custom compositions tailored to the needs of the space. Units can be oriented either upwards or downwards in order to cast respective soft or direct lighting. Originally conceived as an answer to the monotony of workplace systems, Queue exudes a welcoming light and rich beauty in the subtle, rounded facets of its surface. Ultimately, the finished product goes as well in a bar or dining room as it does in the office.


Textured PMMA lens
Anodized aluminum body

4 × 18W LED
2200K–4000K LED
2160 lumen source min 80 CRI

76W power consumption
4600 lumens (delivered)
100–120V input 50/60Hz
220-240V input 50/60Hz (optional)

TRIAC dimming 10-100%
recommended dimmer
Dimmable at 120V Input

3 x 5 x 44 in L
75 x 127 x 1140 mm L