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Rebecca Nutcracker and Oak Bowl set by Georg Jensen

Rebecca Nutcracker and Oak Bowl set by Georg Jensen

$251.00 CAD

Designer: Rebecca Uth

Inspired in part by an old Scandinavian winter tradition, this stainless steel nutcracker and wooden bowl combine elegant design with life’s simple pleasures. Constructed to fit the hand perfectly with its long and sleek design the Nutcracker makes it easy for even a child to crack a nut. The characteristic shape is repeated in the design of the bowl – its fine curves and craftsmanship transform natural materials into something utterly sophisticated. Burnished to a fine grain and smooth finish, the wood retains its organic qualities – and reminds us that masterful simplicity can be much more powerful than embellishment. 

The stainless steel nutcracker is long and sleek, a sharp counterpoint to the conical, sloping curves of the bowl. Together with the nuts themselves, these pieces come together in a tableau that is both contemporary and timeless.

Design year: 2012

Materials: Stainless steel mirror finish and Oak Wood
Bowl: H: 75 mm Ø: 188 mm
Nutcracker: L: 239 mm