Rocker Multi Picture Frame by Umbra

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A 360-degree picture frame, Rocker balances and spins on its center post. This multi-picture display has a cube-shape design and can showcase four 3x3 (float) or 4x4 photos (non-float). Its playful and unique features allow for an interactive display to the touch! Crafted with solid metal and glass, Rocker makes for a thoughtful and fun gift for any occasion. Patented EU Design 008513006-0003.

Interactive Picture Frame
Perfect for a gift, Rocker is an engaging picture frame, being able to balance and spin on its post

Rocker balances and spins on its own metal post creating an eye-catching picture display

This unique picture display can turn 360-degrees and holds four 4x4 photos or float four 3x3 photos

Solid Metal & Glass Design
Rocker is made of solid metal and glass frames for a high-quality and durable picture frame