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Set of Bowls by Design House Stockholm

Set of Bowls by Design House Stockholm

$48.00 CAD

Bowls must be functional. A beautiful bowl that doesn’t work is not really complete. Historically, the materials used for making domestic objects tell the story of the development of civilization. Today, the material tells the story of its intended use. Swedish architects Claesson Koivisto Rune have designed five simple bowls that differ from each other, but that clearly belong to the same family. Used alone, each one has its own shape, size and specific material — suggesting its area of use. Together they form a unified set, nesting like a set of Russian dolls.

The largest of the bowls, made of stainless steel, makes an elegant fruit bowl. The large bowl in dark-brown melamine is ideal for serving salads or for preparing food. The medium-sized bowl made of ovenproof white-glazed stoneware makes an excellent gratin dish. The small bowl in turned wood can be used as a container for caster sugar or snacks. And the smallest, cone-shaped bowl in green glass is useful as a container for caster sugar or for serving olives. When the bowls are not in use they can be fitted into each other to save space or to provide a highly decorative sculpture for the home.

The metal and melamine bowls are also available separately.

Bowl in stainless steel: Ø 39 cm, H 6.8 cm. Dishwasher safe.
Bowl in melamine: Ø 31 cm, H 6.5 cm. Dishwasher safe.
Bowl in stoneware: Ø 23 cm, H 6.4 cm. Dishwasher safe.
Bowl in oiled, solid ash: Ø 15 cm, H 5.2 cm. Handwash only.
Bowl in green glass: Ø 12 cm, H 5 cm. Dishwasher safe.