Set of Shades for Paper Chandelier by Moooi

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Did the idea of paper furniture ever strike your mind? Paper, cardboard and papier-mâché are familiar to all of us. They bring back memories of kindergarten and our first experiences of making things. Inspired by classic icons but manufactured like modern day furniture, this furniture collection is an ode to classical style and to the material. 

For the Paper Chandelier XL and Paper Chandelier L are shades available making the diffusion of the light more delicate and subtle.

Designed by Studio Job

Materials: Paper and cardboard

  • Set of Shades for Paper Chandelier L
  • Set of Shades for Paper Chandelier XL

Color options:

  • White
  • Patchwork
  • RAL color 1004
  • RAL color 1013
  • RAL color 1023
  • RAL color 1027
  • RAL color 2000
  • RAL color 2002
  • RAL color 2004
  • RAL color 3003
  • RAL color 3012
  • RAL color 3015
  • RAL color 5003
  • RAL color 5008
  • RAL color 5024
  • RAL color 6010
  • RAL color 6021
  • RAL color 7001
  • RAL color 7011
  • RAL color 7035
  • RAL color 7044
  • RAL color 8001
  • RAL color 8014
  • RAL color 8016
  • RAL color 9005
  • RAL color 9010
  • RAL color 9016
This product is for indoor use only 
The paper furniture range from Studio job has a beautiful layered paper finish
To clear the paper furniture Moooi recommends using a non-abraisive damp cloth and a gentle mult-surface cleaner. It is always recommended to clean with a dry duster initially to remove troublesome dust perticles. Moooi strongly recommends read the lebel of any cleaning product you wish to use on or near any item from the Moooi collection.