Sketch Inc. for Lucie Kaas Kokeshi Coat Hooks

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The Coco Coat Hook: simple and graceful hooks by Lucie Kaas. The Coco Coat Hook is an item made of wood that is truly one of a kind, as an unusual and unconventional coat hook that can fit perfectly into a wide range of layouts. The Coco Coat Hook is made by Lucie Kaas a young and up-and-coming brand that has made a big splash on the scene as of late. Lucie Kaas turns wood into simple designs, with small dimensions but a large decorative impact. The Coco Coat Hook is a wall piece where you can hang coats in the classic way. It's a simple object that isn't too flashy, yet it has a ton of personality. The Coco Coat Hook, much like all the other coat hooks from the Lucie Kaas collection, depicts a face and is highly appreciated for containing so much expression in such a small and simple creation. The name of the piece is in reference to Coco Chanel, the renowned French designer who is still today considered a genuine icon of femininity and refined style. Lucie Kaas has also dedicated another wooden designer piece to Coco Chanel, the Kokeshi doll. Both of these pieces feature the classic Coco Chanel hairstyle and a hint of makeup on her cheeks, the two joining forces to recreate the designer's revolutionary style and beauty. A part from simply being a hook to hang your coat, Coco adds a positive touch to any sort of layout. At first glance it may seem like a simple piece of wood, but then upon further examination you'll notice its stylish human features. The Coco coat hook is the ideal piece for anyone looking for an original gift idea.