Sling Sink Liner by Umbra

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Sling sink mat and plate holder is a multifunctional sink mat that protects your sink and dishes during pre-rinsing, washing or drying. Unlike traditional flat sink mats, Sling sink mat features raised ridges that help keep your dishes elevated and upright, allowing for airflow and easy drainage. This versatile sink mat can be used for plates, cups, lids, knives, cutting boards, and more, helping to organize your dishes and maximize your sink space. Optional cut lines are featured on the bottom of the mat to accommodate for your sink drain.

14 Raised Ridges To Hold Dishes Upright
Sling Sink Mat has raised ridges that use the wall of your sink to hold up dishes, cutting boards or lids; prevents them from slipping

Organizes And Protects Your Sink
Creates additional space by organizing your sink. Its soft, flexible material protects your sink and your dishes

Cut To Fit Your Sink
Optional cut lines on the bottom to accommodate your sink drain

Elevates dishes from sink bottom, promoting improved air circulation for easy drainage and fast drying

– Small H 0.5 / L 11.25 / W 10.63 in
– Large H 0.5 / L 15.63 / W 11.25 in