So'Pure Sophie la Girafe by Sophie La Girafe

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Your Baby's first toy will stimulate each of their senses:

SIGHT:There are dark and contrasting spots all over Sophie la girafe's body providing visual stimulation and making her easily recognizable to baby. She will soon become a familiar and reassuring object.

HEARING:Her squeaker keeps baby amused, this will stimulate their hearing. Recognizing the result in their actions while squeezing Sophie.

TASTE:Sophie la girafe has flexibility and has different parts for baby to chew (ears, horns, legs). She is an asset for soothing baby's gums when teething is painful. She is completely safe, made of 100% natural rubber and 100% naturally pigmented paint.

TOUCH:Sophie la girafe is perfect for baby's tiny hands. She is light in weight and her long legs and neck are easy for baby to hold. She is very soft to touch, which stimulates soothing physiological and emotional responses.

SMELL:The scent of natural rubber, from the Hevea tree, makes Sophie la girafe very special and easy for your child to identify among all their other toys.