Spillo 1i Circular Flush Mount Lamp by ZANEEN design

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Manufactured in Italy by Icone

Built-in wall and ceiling lamp with round, spring-mounted base. Featuring an adjustable drawn brass rod, 7x7 mm section. Available in various dimensions and power levels. Lighting by high luminous efficiency LED micro-strip.

This lamp is perfect for replacing spotlights in false ceilings with approximately 6 cm diameter recessed holes.

Marco Pagnoncelli, 2012

Finish Options:

Ceiling or wall

Spillo 1iET.20:
Delivered Lumen: 220lm
Total Wattage: 2.64W
Width: 5cm (1-15/16")
Height: 20cm (7-7/8")

Spillo 1iET.30:
Delivered Lumen: 330lm
Total Wattage: 3.96W
Width: 5cm (1-15/16")
Height: 30cm (11-13/16")

Spillo 1iET.40:
Delivered Lumen: 440lm
Total Wattage: 4.80W
Width: 5cm (1-15/16")
Height: 40cm (15-3/4")

Spillo 1iET.50:
Delivered Lumen: 550lm
Total Wattage: 6.60W
Width: 5cm (1-15/16")
Height: 50cm (19-11/16")

Spillo 1iET.60:
Delivered Lumen: 660lm
Total Wattage: 7.92W
Width: 5cm (1-15/16")
Height: 60cm (23-5/8")

Spillo 1iET.80:
Delivered Lumen: 880lm
Total Wattage: 10.56W
Width: 5cm (1-15/16")
Height: 80cm (31-1/2")

Spillo 1iET.100:
Delivered Lumen: 1100lm
Total Wattage: 13.20W
Width: 5cm (1-15/16")
Height: 100cm (39-3/8")

Light Source Information:
Light Colour: Warm White
Colour Temperature: 3000K
Lamp Type: LED Strip
Lamp Voltage: 12V
Input Voltage: 120V
Power Supply: Remote LED Driver (not included)
Dimming: Non-dimmable
Adjustable Spot: Tilt 90 degrees