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Squeezer by Normann Copenhagen

Squeezer by Normann Copenhagen

$36.00 CAD

Design by Studio Klass

Squeezing juice is a necessary but often boring job that just needs to be done. That is how the Italian designers of Studio Klass see it, and this observation led them to the idea of creating a design that could make squeezing the juice from lemons, grapes, oranges and lime fruits a fun task instead.

The flexible funnel-shaped upper part of Squeezer acts as a reservoir for the juice as well as a pouring spout. Just flex the reservoir with your hand and pour. The soft, matte silicone gives a good, firm grip while the Squeezer’s sharply defined grooves guarantee that all the juice is squeezed from the fruit so nothing goes to waste. 
Squeezer makes it exceptionally simple to spice up your cooking and beverages. Make delicious drinks with the juice of lime fruits or add lemon juice to your cooking. Why not pour some grapefruit juice into a smoothie or enjoy a glass of freshly squeezed juice made from sun-ripened oranges? And after you are finished, Squeezer is easy to clean in the dishwasher.   

All in all, Squeezer is an outstanding kitchen accessory that is both practical and pleasing to look at with its fresh citrus fruit inspired colours.

Height: 17 cm 
Diameter: 14 cm 
Weight: 150 gr

Silicone & Plastic

Dark Grey
Light Blue