Stick Modular Bookcase System by Menu (Continued)

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THIS IS CONTINUED PRODUCT FROM Stick Modular Bookcase System by Menu

Designer: Jan & Henry

Wooden sticks and joints of steel transform the versatile Stick System into a shelving system, a clothing rack and a worktable; interior elements of strong constructions that are easily assembled and offer multifunctional solutions for residential use. 

Stick system is presented in various color combinations and wooden hues, and with maximum attention to detail, the combined wood and steel structure perfectly harmonizes with the chosen color palate for a clean, soft and light appearance we refer to as Soft Minimalism. Light steel plates work as mobile shelves for placing books, plates, lamps and other objects. 

This product is "to-order" and is especially made for you. 

Have a specific size in mind? Limited by a specific space? Build your own stick system. Select the configuration of metal shelves wide and high that you need or can fit, then select a combination of material finishes and place your order. We'll take care of the rest. Want a configuration not listed here, or need an extension for your stick system? Contact us.

1 Shelf - 28.9"W
2 Shelves - 52.9"W
3 Shelves - 76.9"W
4 Shelves - 100.9"W
5 Shelves - 125.0"W
6 Shelves - 149.0"W
7 Shelves - 173.0"W

2 Shelves - 22.3"H
3 Shelves - 37.1"H
4 Shelves - 52.0"H
5 Shelves - 66.8"H
6 Shelves - 81.7"H
7 Shelves - 96.5"H


All systems are 19.7"D

Poles: White-painted Ash, Dark-stained Ash, or Natural Ash
Brackets/Shelves: Powder-coated Steel (in Black, White, or Grey)

Max weight capacity on each shelf: 22 lbs (10 kg)

THIS IS CONTINUED PRODUCT FROM Stick Modular Bookcase System by Menu