Superlative Scoop by Craighill

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A thing of beauty and practicality that puts even your best spoon to shame, the Superlative Scoop is the pinnacle of ice cream wielding technology. A tool whose singular purpose is to elevate your at-home consumption of ice cream to that of a legendary parlor. Where regular spoons fail in strength and uniformity, the Superlative Scoop is designed with the most solid of frozen opponents in mind — using a heat conductive liquid within the handle to accelerate scooping power. Perfect orbs of dairy (or non-dairy) rise gracefully out of the container without the indignity of undue compression or rough-edged jabs of a spoon. 

In production in the great state of Florida since 1935, this is truly a time-tested, unimpeachable implement. The Superlative Scoop is the gleaming pièce de résistance for any considered utensil collection and a conspicuous choice for those ready to commit to excellence in their after-dinner plans.

HAND WASH ONLY - Do not place in dishwasher.

Dimensions: 7" x 1", Weight 7oz

Materials: Aluminum alloy, heat-conductive liquid in handle for ease of use.