Swiper Wipe Dispenser by Umbra

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Swiper is a stainless-steel wipe dispenser with a flexible, easy touch pop-up lid. An attractive solution for keeping your disinfectant wipes accessible, this stainless steel canister can sit in any room and keeps wipes moist and within reach. Press the center button to open the flexible top lid to access wipes, and simply push the upturned edges down to snap the lid shut. Fits standard 35 count disinfectant wipes and has a removable lid for easy refilling.

Put On Display
With a modern finish and sleek design, Swiper can be kept out on any countertop

Keeps Wipes Within Reach
Press the center button and Swiper's flexible lid will pop open, providing easy access to wipes while locking in moisture

Easy To Refill
Swiper has a removable lid for easy refilling and fits standard 35 count disinfectant wipes

With a rust-proof stainless steel design; Swiper is great to display on countertops or carry on the go