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The Chatfield Walking Cane by Top & Derby (Made in Canada)

The Chatfield Walking Cane by Top & Derby (Made in Canada)

$129.00 CAD

Our canes are exclusively designed by Top & Derby and made in Canada.

HANDLE  Say goodbye to slip and slide. The handle is made from an aluminum core which is then over-molded with silicone, forming a soft, continuous grip that conforms to your hand and dampens vibrations while you walk.

SHAFT  More walnut than your last batch of banana bread. The shaft is crafted from solid  Walnut hardwood and is coated in a durable satin finish, which helps to bring out the natural variation in the wood grain. 

SHOE™  Some people call it a tip. We call it a shoe™. The unique grip pattern is inspired by a sneaker sole, and is molded in durable thermoplastic rubber material. It is possible to order a replacement shoe for your Chatfield.

SIZING  Measure twice, order once. Our cane is available in four sizes, is fixed in length, and non-adjustable. Please see images