The Wilkinson Desktop Series by Lara Bohinc for Skultuna

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Design by Lara Bohinc

The Wilkinson desktop series is designed by the internationally renowned jewellery designer Lara Bohinc. It is made of semi etched brass 
plate and consist of two frames, a pen holder, a letter rack and a small container. "The desktop series is named after artist Norman Wilkinson, credited to inventing dazzle pattern. The pattern is inspired by dazzle camouflage pattern, which is an unlikely form of camouflage as it draws attention to the object rather than hiding it, the purpose was confusion rather than concealment. Dazzle was partially inspired by cubism and Picasso. This series is also inspired by futurists Edward Wadsworth and David Bomberg with its fast, jagged moving lines," says Lara Bohinc. Designed 2015. 

Care Instructions This product is made of etched brass and the delicate details can be difficult to clean with ordinary polish, instead we recommend a water-soluble cleanser that washes away with water after the treatment.

Small Frame/ 12 x 9cm
Large Frame/ 23 x 17cm
Pen Holder/ L:6.7cm x H:8.5cm
Letter Rack/ L:14cm x H:7cm
Small Container/ L:8cm x H:8cm

Etched brass