Wine Pouring, Aerating and Decanting Stopper by Rosendahl

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This pourer stopper aerates the wine, expanding its surface area to develop the taste. The pourer stopper was designed by designer and wine expert Tom Nybroe. The long reach of the wine pourer is evenly proportioned; combined with the decanting function, it allows the bouquet of the wine to really come into its own, giving you the best aromatic experience at each pouring. The length and the holes in the pourer stopper are carefully aligned to allow optimum aeration and bring out the character of the wine. The pourer stopper also prevents the bottle from dripping when pouring the wine. A superb father’s day gift or, combined with a good bottle of wine, a gift to your host.

Tom Nybroe

Stainless steel and black nylon

Ø 0.25 x L 24 x W 2.4 cm

Not dishwasher safe.