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Hay Neu10 Upholstered Chair

Hay Neu10 Upholstered Chair

$869.00 CAD

Ergonomically refined moulded plastic shell chair, available with various base options and suited to both commercial and residential environments. Swivel base

L 54,2 x W 45,3 x H 45/82 cm

Injection moulded polypropylene shell or upholstered

Cast aluminium base

Base options:

  • Black
  • White
  • Grey
  • Green
  • Bordeaux
  • Orange

Fabric options:

  • Remix*
  • Steelcut, Steelcut Trio*
  • Uniform* (choice of Royal blue, graphite or grass green)*
  • Leather Sierra*
  • Vidar*

Steelcut  http://kvadrat.dk/collection/filter/typ/upholstery/nme/2965/view/medium
Steelcut Trio  http://kvadrat.dk/collection/filter/typ/upholstery/nme/2223/view/medium
Remix   http://kvadrat.dk/collection/filter/typ/upholstery/nme/2968/view/medium
Leather Sierra  Camo Leather: Sierra Collection   http://www.ca-mo.com/PIGMENTED+LEATHER/sierra_eng.html
Vidar  http://kvadrat.dk/collection/filter/typ/upholstery/nme/8484/view/medium

Felt gliders optional

*Please contact us for your order