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Yeh Wall Table by Menu

Yeh Wall Table by Menu

$168.00 CAD

Yeh Wall Low table

Designer: Kenyon Yeh

Yeh Wall Table is designed by Taiwan-based designer, Kenyon Yeh. He found the inspiration for this mobile side-table after observing a cheerleading practise at a neighbouring school in his hometown. The scene inspired Kenyon to design a minimalistic table with clean lines standing on only two legs. To compensate the two missing legs, a part of the thin tabletop is bent upwards in a 90-degree angle against the wall. 

Yeh Wall Table is a functional design that can be used as a side-table for books, plants, a table lamp or small objects. It’s a light, mobile and clever solution for homes with limited spaces. 


15.6875" wide
12.75" deep
20.6875" tall (total)
17.625" tall (floor to table surface)
3.0625" tall (surface to top of rear lip)

Color options:

  • Light Grey
  • Nude
  • White

Yeh Wall Tall table

W 21.7 x H 32.5 X L 17.5

28." tall (floor to table surface)
4.25" tall (surface to top of rear lip)

Powder-coated Steel

Color options:

  • White
  • Black