Arne Jacobsen Wooden Cap by Design Letters

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Design Letters wooden cap will transform your S cup into a sugarbowl, your C cup into a currybowl, your P cup into a pepperbowl... Quick, easy and elegant. Wooden caps are tailor-made for Design Letters cups with typography by Arne Jacobsen.

With Arne Jacobsen cups you will always find the right cup for the right contents. The cups are decorated by the letters originally created in 1937 by the world renowned Danish architect Arne Jacobsen for Aarhus City Hall. Despite its 75 years, this Bauhaus inspired typography is still modern and fresh. Recently the Danish company Design Letters was given the permission to revive Arne Jacobsen’s stylish stroke on a beautiful porcelain cup. Now you can enjoy Arne Jacobsen’s elegant typography on your personal cup. Use it for coffee, pencils, your toothbrush – or get an “S” as a sugar bowl. Your table will love it.

 This cap is made to fit the Porcelain Design Letter Cups. It does not fit on the Melamine Cup by Design Letters.

THIS IS JUST FOR CAP! Bowl not included.