5-in-1 by Karakter

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Italian industrial designer Joe Colombo pursued a career in painting and sculpture before he transitioned to design in the 1950s. In even the most functional homeware pieces, Colombo’s artistic background shines through in the sculptural silhouettes he creates.

Such is the case with 5-in-1, a set of mouth-blown glasses that neatly intertwine. Featuring five pieces – originally intended as a cognac class, a white wine glass, a red wine glass, a grappa glass, and a water glass – each has a markedly different shape and purpose. Using that diversity to his advantage, Colombo’s ingenious design ensures that the glasses can be inserted into each other in order to form one transparent sculpture.

As well as its aesthetic appeal, the 5-in-1 is a highly practical design. Once stacked, the glasses reduce storage space, making it an ideal piece for smaller kitchens.

Product type
Set of drinking glasses

#1: H 11,2cm / Ø 3,8 cm
#2: H 9,7cm / Ø 6,5 cm
#3: H 8cm / Ø 6 cm
#4: H 7cm / Ø 7,3 cm
#5: H 6cm / Ø 10,1 cm

Clear mouth-blown lead-free crystal

Dishwasher safe

Joe Colombo, 1970