Fuga Cutlery by Gense

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A cutlery suitable for both everyday use and special occasions. Fuga has a classic design, with soft rounded lines, which rest comfortably in the hand. The design expresses clarity and precision and the overall impression is one of subtlety.

Tias Echhoff

18/8 Stainless steel/Matt finish


Table Spoon: 7.4"/188mm

Table Fork: 7.5"/190mm

Table Knife, saw blade/grill: 8.4"/213mm

Dessert Spoon: 6.7"/170mm

Dessert Fork: 6.9"/175mm

Dessert Knife: 7.5"/190mm

Tea Spoon: 5.5"/144mm

Coffee Spoon: 4.8"/155mm

Cake Fork: 6.1"/155mm

Sauce Ladle: 7.8"/200mm

Serving Spoon: 8.8"/225mm

Serving Fork: 8.8"/225mm


Box 16 pcs -Table Spoon,Table Fork,Table Knife,saw blade/grill and coffee spoon* (not available for individual sale)

Salad Set: 2 Pieces 9.8"

Cake Server: 10.3"/262mm