Ranka Cutlery by Gense

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The cutlery has become a classic just for its shape and design. Ranka has a timeless design and that is because of its simple form and restrained decoration. It is comfortable to hold and it is suitable in all occasions.

Sven Arne Gillgren

18/8 Stainless steel/Matt finish


Table Spoon: 7.3"/185mm

Table Fork: 7.3"/185mm

Table Knife: 7.8"/200mm

Dessert Spoon: 6.4"/164mm

Dessert Fork: 6.3"/160mm

Dessert Knife: 7"/178mm

Tea Spoon: 5.9"/150mm

Coffee Spoon: 4.7"/120mm

Serving Spoon: 8.7"/225mm

Serving Fork: 8.7"/225mm

Box 16pcs - Table Spoon, Table Fork, Table Knife, Dessert Fork, Coffee Spoon 4x4