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Harco Loor

Harco Loor is an artist based in Harlem, Holland, who has been creating exquisite sculptures for over 50 years. Driven by a desire to see his work serve a functional as well as an aesthetic purpose, he founded his own lighting company in the early nineteen eighties. Since then the company has grown alongside an increased interest in Dutch design the international lighting sector.
     Harco Loor products are unique in every way. The range is comprised of chandeliers, hanging fixtures, and wall, table and floor lamps, all of which reveal the artist's fascination with colour and shape. The range is characterized by complex and intricate lines which mimic the organic forms of the natural world. Whilst these pieces are sophisticated and elegant, they do not shy away from being playful and their vibrant colours seem to celebrate every season.
     Each of the company's pieces are designed and shaped by the hands of Harco Loor himself. Many pieces feature parts made of malleable stainless steel, which can be twisted and stretched as desired. By purchasing a Harco Loor product one is investing in a completely original piece of art.

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