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Baby Carrier Clip by OYOY

Baby Carrier Clip by OYOY

$50.00 CAD

OYOY Living Design
Before we know it, autumn and winter are slowly sneaking in on us, and we move back into our houses. Life becomes less hectic, and we tend to cuddle up with certain peacefulness in our minds and souls. 
The inspiration for our new AW17 collection has come from the Danish international artist Franciska Clausen whom was a pioneer and also ahead of her time when it comes to nonfgurative expressions. We have been inspired by her simple geometric look, which has its roots from the Bauhaus period. 
In this new collection we have designed new objects in a cool mix of geometric shapes and the handmade look and in a balance between the stringent and the organic. The colors are a fantastic blend of soft pastels along with the most beautiful deep and warm autumn tones. 
We like the idea that there are always 2 sides to a story and that one can be surprised. It can create conversations, change the mood, and evoke memories. Also our design should always be a harmony of beauty, authentic, and memorable.

Horse - 3 x 11 x 11,50 cm
Llama - 3 x 14 x 8,5 cm 

100% Organic cotton, printed with polyester filling.

Details: Logo wooden clip for hanging purpose.

How to care: Wipe with wet cloth - Spot clean only.