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Lumen Center Italia

Lumen Center Italia makes lighting inspired by the heart and fantasy, but driven by reason and functionality. First founded in France in 1976, the company was born out of the growing importance of French design on the international lighting scene. In 1987 Lumen Center moved their headquarters to Milan, a defining move which saw them incorporate many of the qualities and values typical of Italian artistry.
     The Lumen Center catalogue falls into three collections, each with their own distinctive character. The Classic range reinvents enduring forms which have a place in the collective memory of all design enthusiasts. Some of these have been consecrated by time, such as the Jacques Adnet table lamps from the 1920s. Others are Lumen Center original creations, which adopt the workmanship, materials and proportions of classics. The Contemporary collection grasps the tastes of the moment and responds with confidence. Clearly inspired by the organic and playful forms of the natural world, the designs will breathe a sense of freshness into any living space. The Innovation range aspires to favour conversation and reflection. Each piece is eye-catching, and futuristic as the name suggests.
     The Lumen Center Italia approach is receptive towards contemporary thought, yet it is anything but conventional. Running through all three collections, there is a strong identity which lies at the heart of the company's reputation.

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