Muuto, the 2 year old and already internationally successful Nordic Design company, strives to add fresh perspectives to Scandinavian design and thereby put the region back in the lead on the international design scene. That is why they chose the name Muuto -inspired by the Finnish word "Muutos", meaning change or fresh perspective. Muuto is firmly rooted in Scandinavian design, hand-picking designers from Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark, and giving them the freedom to express their personal design philosophy when designing everyday products for the home.

70/70 Dining Table by Muuto
from $2,049.00 CAD
Accent Cushion by Muuto
$115.00 CAD
Acoustic Panels for Stacked 2.0 Modular Shelf System by Muuto
from $59.00 CAD
Airy Table Series by Muuto
from $319.00 CAD
Ambit Pendant Lamp by Muuto
from $299.00 CAD
Ambit Rail Lamp by Muuto
$1,495.00 CAD
Ambit Wall Lamp by Muuto
$695.00 CAD
Ample Throw by Muuto
$645.00 CAD
Around Coffee Table & Side Table by Muuto
from $585.00 CAD