The Modern Shop - Shiftspace

SHIFTSPACE is a collective of architects and designers focused on creating physical environments that amplify brand stories and impart memorable interactions.

Wylie Hose Reel by SHIFT
$135.00 CAD
Beekman Bird Feeder by SHIFT (Made in USA)
$179.00 CAD
Tucker Wall Planter by SHIFT
$378.00 CAD
Fitzwater Rain Tank by SHIFT
$7,700.00 CAD
Third Bistro Table by SHIFT
$1,372.00 CAD
Rambler Picnic Table by SHIFT
from $3,920.00 CAD
Pattison Trellis Tile by SHIFT
from $224.00 CAD
Fairmount Tile Planter by SHIFT
$224.00 CAD