Toou Design

It is the realization of a utopia: to create authentic but accessible and versatile designs of everyday objects.
Conceived for both interior and exterior furnishing with a contemporary aesthetic that fits every living style, TOOU furniture pieces are designed and built for each one of us.
OUTU Hocker Side Table by TOOU
$119.00 CAD
OUTU Rocking Chair by TOOU
$383.00 CAD
OUTU Side Chair by TOOU
$190.00 CAD
OUTU Lounge Chair by TOOU
$287.00 CAD
OUTU Arm Chair by TOOU
$227.00 CAD
Tomo Small Table by Toou
$191.00 CAD
Stellar Upholstered Chair by Toou
$419.00 CAD
Stellar Chair with Holes by Toou
$239.00 CAD
Stellar Chair by Toou
$239.00 CAD
Pa.He.Ko Side Table & Stool by Toou
$191.00 CAD
Joi TwentyFour by Toou
$359.00 CAD
Joi Twenty Chair by Toou
$359.00 CAD
Cadrea High Stool with Pad by Toou
$287.00 CAD
Cadrea Chair & Pad by TOOU
$287.00 CAD
OUTU Connector Table (part in centre) by TOOU
$50.00 CAD
$215.00 CAD