Art Light by Revelite by Cerno (Made in USA)

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Every piece of fine art is unique and deserves to be brought to life with a premium lighting solution created with the same vision and attention to detail. The Revelite Art Light (AL) appears elegant and simple, disguising a very precise and highly-engineered product. By utilizing the latest LED and optical technology, the Revelite AL provides uniform illumination with incredible color-rendering ability from a compact optical package. Art revealed with science.


In order to achieve uniform illumination, each Revelite AL is built specifically for the height and width of the art it will illuminate.

Features a single, aimable LED module within the housing designed for artwork of 16” or less in height.

Features dual, independently aimable LED modules within the housing designed for artwork over 16”. The AL2 is optimized for even uniformity up to 36” in height. For artwork greater than 36” in height, the light will gradualy taper off, but provide vertical performance up to 60”. For very large pieces, it maybe advised to light from both the top and bottom of the artwork.


Revelite luminaires are available in widths from 7” to 60” (nominal), in predetermined increments. To select the appropriate sized Art Light, measure the width of the art, not including the frame. When matching the art width to the available Revelite width, round down to the next available size. The distribution of light will provide complete coverage of the artwork.

Art width: 31" Recommended Revelite: 29" (even though a 31" is available)
Art width: 49" Recommended Revelite: 48"

If your art is wider than 60 inches, multiple fixtures can be installed side by side and connected with a Connector Bracket Kit. Select lights of equal widths (that add to the nearest artwork width) to provide even spacing between mounting positions. Include the appropriate number of Connector Bracket Kits.

Note: Prices shown include a Plug-in (P) power supply. Adders for a Hardwired (H) power supply are additional.

Standard Finishes 

Black (CM-030), White (CM-060), Brushed Aluminum (CM-006), Oil Rubbed Bronze (CM-029, Gold (CM-031)

Premium Finishes 

Brushed Brass (CM-120) Satin Nickel (CM-124) 

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