Astro Stoneware Sculptures by Kähler

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With the new Astro sculptures from Kähler, the Danish sculptor Malene Bjelke has been inspired by Kähler's long history of figurines and has created 12 different zodiac sculptures that beautifully bring the design heritage from Kähler's historic ceramic workshop into the present day with a spiritual focus. All the zodiac figurines are made of white unglazed stoneware and stand in a silhouetted look. The raw expression helps to create dynamics in the figurines as naturalistic details so that they appear as sculptures that can be appreciated from all angles. Each Astro sculpture has been created with a descriptive word based on the values associated with each of the 12 different zodiac signs. The energy of the specific characteristics of the zodiac signs has been translated into the design of the figurines. For the Astro Gemini sculpture, the word Communication influences the expression of the figurine's pose and helps describe the unique characteristics of this zodiac sign.

Material: White Stoneware

Libra D 14.5 cm, W 25 cm, H 28 cm
Sagittarius D 9.5 cm, W 9.5 cm, H 17 cm
Aries H 12 cm, W 6.50 cm, D 18 cm
Virgo H 21 cm, W 7 cm, D 14.50 cm
Taurus H 12 cm, W 6.50 cm, D 25 cm
Gemini H 24 cm, W 14 cm, D 7.50 cm
Cancer H 16 cm, W 16 cm, D 9 cm
Leo H 30 cm, W 8 cm, D 8 cm
Scorpio H 14 cm, W 12 cm, D 14.50 cm
Capricorn H 25 cm, W 6.50 cm, D 19 cm
Aquarius H 19 cm, W 6 cm, D 12.50 cm
Pisces H 13 cm, W 10.50 cm, D 10.50 cm