Black Extension Plates - PLAYdinner Lamé by Bruunmunch

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Black Extension Plates for PLAYdinner Lamé

Designed by: Henrik Bruun og Jacob Munch

Additional plates in Black MDF

We have created this additional plate for the customer who only uses their additional plates to extend their dining table for special occasions and do not wish to have additional plates in solid wood. The additional plates are made of Lacquered Black MDF, with solid wood frame pieces in FSC certified wood that match the frame of the dining table. All our dining tables are Handmade in Denmark.

PLAYdinner Lamé is designed based on a geometric formula invented by the French Physicist and Mathematician Gabriel Lamé. The formula is used to calculate the ellipse-shaped curves that make up the shape of the tabletop, a shape also known as a superellipse. The special shape of the PLAYdinner Lamé, which lies between the shape of a rectangular and a round table, helps to create an incredibly cozy and social atmosphere and helps to gather everyone around it in the same way that is otherwise only possible with a round dining table. PLAYdinner Lamé is handmade in Denmark with continuous, solid wooden slats, the wooden slats are sorted so that the plates appear beautiful and harmonious with fine grain patterns.

The dining table comes with two additional plates which are stored in the storage compartment under the table, this makes it quick and easy to extend the table. The joints on our extendable dining table are made very precise, this makes the joints seem almost invisible, this is one of the key details of this design. The classic timeless design in solid wood ensures that this table fits almost all classic chairs on the market.

The dining table is produced in Solid wood because it is durable, and also because it provides a visual experience and adds a natural warmth to your decor.

The table is extendable with up to two additional plates which can easily be added, extending the table from 180 cm. to 230 cm. or a total of 280 cm. seating up to 10 (12) people.

The table can be used as a dining table at home, in restaurants or cafes or as a meeting table in design-conscious companies.

Year 2022 PLAYdinner Lamé celebrates its 10th year anniversary and has been voted BEST OF DESIGN by Germany's leading lifestyle magazine SCHÖNER WOHNEN.


PLAYdinner tables are produced in a furniture factory in Denmark, in FSC certified oak and walnut, so you can be sure that you are investing in a sustainable piece of furniture.


PLAYdinner tables are packed flat to save on CO2 emissions during transportation. The packaging is of course also made of FSC certified paper.


Length 180 cm.
Length Extended (one plate) 230 cm.
Length Extended (two plates) 280 cm.
Width 105 cm.
73 cm.
Distance between table legs lengthwise See line drawings
Distance between table legs across
88 cm.