Bukto Clothing Stand by FROST

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Design Bønnelycke mdd

BUKTO is the elegant free standing clothing system with the highest degree of flexibility. Clothes stands with castors makes it perfect for conferences, meeting rooms, dressing rooms, hallways or for in-store product presentation. The new BUKTO shelf system introduces seamless shelf location for maximum flexibility. This makes it an obvious choice anywhere you need to change the space between shelves without compromising the looks of the whole. Use the BUKTO shelf system in your kitchen, living room, dressing room or any store. All stands are made from steel with a black or white powder coated finish. The stainless steel top bars in Modern Gold, Original Copper and Perfect Polished makes it easy to match with existing interior whilst making a personal statement.

Bottom plate for shoes/bags, mirrors, hooks and extension optional. Available in black and white.


600 mm w/out castors - 
Height: 1500mm
Width: 625mm
Depth: 300mm
Weight: 14 kg

600 mm w/ castors - 
Height: 1563mm
Width: 638mm
Depth: 450mm
Weight: 15 kg

1000 mm w/out castors - 
Height: 1500mm
Width: 1028mm
Depth: 300mm
Weight: 17 kg

1000 mm w/ castors - 
Height: 1560mm
Width: 1038mm
Depth: 450mm
Weight: 18 kg

1000 mm w/ castors & wardrobe shelf - 
Height: 1660mm
Width: 1038mm
Depth: 450mm
Weight: 26 kg

Bottom plate for 600 mm - 
Height: 8mm
Width: 568mm
Depth: 380mm
Weight: 1 kg

Bottom plate for 1000 mm - 
Height: 8mm
Width: 380mm
Depth: 968mm
Weight: 1,5 kg

Round Mirror - 
Diameter: Ø250mm
Weight: 1 kg

Rectangular Mirror - 
Height: 1058mm
Width: 300mm
Weight: 5 kg

Hook 2 pcs - 
Height: 84mm
Width: 30mm
Depth: 82mm
Weight: 0,35 kg
Extension 2pcs
Height: 200 mm
Weight: 0,3 kg