Captain Flint Outdoor Floor Lamp by Flos

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Design by Michael Anastassiades

Elevate your outdoor space with Captain Flint, an elegant dual-purpose floor lamp serves as an uplight and reading light with its conical shade and refreshed with waterproof materials and finishes in new colors, built to withstand environmental conditions. The sophisticated, iconic indoor floor lamp designed by Michael Anastassiades is now to be taken outside. The “invisible” system that keeps in balance the conical diffuser to the thin tubular structure, also allows the diffuser to rotate in 8 different positions. The lighting beam can be pointed down for a direct light or against a wall for a smooth ambience halo.

Captain Flint’s body and head structure are available in four fresh finishes, combined with precious Italian stones for the base. The lava stone – black, grey and occhio di pernice, is extracted in Sicily, from the quarries on the slopes of the Etna volcano. The travertino imperiale stone, from Tuscany, is composed of vegetal fragments and carbonate, and it is characterized by small cavities enhancing the materic aesthetic of the stone. The variety of surfaces and colours depends on the underground source and treatment. Its stone base provides a solid foundation and gives the design a natural, refined taste, in harmony with the colors and materiality of the outdoor spaces.

Inspiration behind the design: “I wanted to design a light that had a dual purpose. To be an uplighter illuminating the space with enough ambient lighting, while at the same time to be rotated and directed down; to become a dim companion for reading. The notion of balance is prominent in this fixture, a cone resting delicately on its point on a rotating horizontal metal rod. The base is in marble or stone, bringing an element of preciousness, stability and presence.”
Michael Anastassiades

Steel, polycarbonate, aluminum, brass, marble

Height 60.5", Base 12.6", Shade Diameter 8.3", Arm Length 14.7"

Material Options:
Stainless Steel/Occhio di Pernice Marble
Brass/Grey Lava Marble
Deep Brown/Travertino Imperiale Marble
Black/Black Lava Marble
Red Burgundy/Black Lava Marble

Light Source Details:
2700K - 1 COB LED 13W 557lm 2700K

3000K - 1 COB LED 20W 598lm 3000K