Muto Suspension Light by Cerno (Made in USA)

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The way the walnut planes in the Muto both block and bounce light make for a very dynamic composition of light and shadows, from any vantage point. While the pinwheel form, with its repeating elements is symmetric, it appears very sculptural from any one view. The modern floating ideal is realized in the Muto. By holding each walnut element away from its neighbour, so each plane floats, the whole fixture feels light, as if it were floating itself.

Dimensions - 32" X 32" X 14.5" H
Material - Walnut, polymer, aluminum

  • Wood grain will vary
  • Energy efficient LED light source
  • Dimmable (use ELV or TRIAC dimmer)
  • Light output - 2010 lumens
  • [Ambient glowing cubes - 860, Down light - 1150]
  • Light color - 2700° K (warm) or 3500 K
  • Color accuracy - 85+ CRI
  • LED power consumption - 25 W