Conducco Storage/Display System by Karl Andersson & Söner

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Design: Tony Almén & Peter Gest

Conducco (2011), is an efficient and elegant system for storing and displaying all types of printed matter in A4, A5 and A6 formats so that you can find what you want at a glance. Conducco panels are available for standing A4 formats and for combinations of standing A4, A5 and A6 formats. The standing A4 panels come in heights of 335, 700 and 1060 mm and widths of 300, 590 and 880 mm. The panels for combinations of A4, A5 and A6 formats come in heights of 610 and 815 mm and a width of 590 mm.

All panels have the same depth, 57 mm. Conducco is available in oak, birch and standard colours. The panel is suspended on a metal wallstrip. The acrylic glass front has black elastic tapes at the side that extend to hold magazines, brochures, etc. up to a maximum thickness of 30 mm firmly in place. This means that Conducco is ideal for both thin sheets of paper and more substantial magazines.

Special sizes and other finishes upon request.

Wood: oak, birch

Colors: black, yellow, red, green, snow white, white, gray, anthracite

*If color is chosen please contact with color choice.


A4 formats:

COA4S11: H 355 L 300 D 57   4kg 0,01m3

COA4S21: H 355 L 590 D 57   7kg 0,02m3

COA4S31: H 355 L 880 D 57   10kg 0,02m3


COA4S12: H 700 L 300 D 57   6kg 0,02m3 

COA4S22: H 700 L 590 D 57   10kg 0,03m3

COA4S32: H 700 L 880 D 57   13kg 0,05m3


COA4S13: H 1060 L 300 D 57   9kg 0,05m3

COA4S23: H 1060 L 590 D 57   18kg 0,07m3

COA4S33: H 1060 L 880 D 57   20kg 0,10m3


Combination Formats:

CO10: H 610 L 590 D 57  10kg 0,03m3 (A4 and A5 portrait)

CO12: H 815 L 590 D 57   14kg 0,06m3 (A4, A5 and A6 portrait)