Copenhagen 5 Piece Set of Cutlery by Georg Jensen

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Design: Grethe Meyer

At first glance, it is simple, slender and elegant. Look again and it becomes natural and intimate. The comfortable directness of this cutlery seems so obvious, but it is the result of Grethe Meyer's hard work and persistent endeavours that creates the ultimate cutlery design. Copenhagen is produced in matte and mirror-finish stainless steel.

Design year: 1991

Matte stainless steel

Teaspoon Small - H: 5.39 inches
Fork Starter - H: 6.38 inches
Fork Dinner - H: 7.87 inches
Spoon Dinner - H: 7.87 inches
Knife Dinner - H: 8.66 inches

Set of 5 includes: 1 x Dinner Spoon, 1 x Dinner Fork, 1 x Starer Fork, 1 x Dinner Knife and 1 x Teaspoon