Carpretty Petit Nottazebroh Indoor and Outdoor Carpet by Fatboy

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The name of this rug says it all: it's a carpet, and it's pretty. The flatwoven structure creates a comfortable, chic look with a cool edge. The sustainable, UV-resistant, waterproof material also makes Carpretty ideal for outdoor use and indoor. The perfect way to connect your indoor environment with the outside world. The non-slip, antistatic and maintenance-friendly carpet is available in two versions. Which pretty option will you pick?

At 90.5" by 63", the Carpretty Nottazebroh may be the little brother of the Large Frame - but he's equally good-looking. Due to the soft, multi-level weaving, you'll want to feel Nottazebroh under your feet all day long. This sustainable carpet is made of sturdy polypropylene and so it will last for a long time. The black and white tiger print (yep - it's not a zebra!) adds a playful vibe to your room or garden. How wild are you willing to go?

90.5 x 63 in / 230 x 160 cm

100% Polypropylene

Easy to clean
UV-resistant, anti-static
Indoor & Outdoor
Super soft

Colour Options
Blue (combined high and low weaving)
Black (high weaving)