Design With Light Lantern by Holmegaard

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Use the Design With Light lantern all year round, both outside and indoors. The lantern is great for summer evenings on the patio or as an ornament on the floor, on a table, on stairs or at a window. Your imagination is the only limit! Designer Maria Berntsen created this mobile light source in clear, frosted and smoke-coloured glass and full-grain leather, spreading light and ambience in the true Scandinavian spirit. As the glass is mouth-blown, each lantern is utterly unique. The individual models can be grouped to good effect.

Maria Berntsen

Color Options:
• Clear
• Frosted
• Smoke

Mouth-blown glass with full-grain leather strap

Size Options:
Small: H 16cm (Clear and Smoke only)
Medium: H 25cm
Large: H 29cm (Clear and Smoke only)
Extra-Large: H 45cm (Clear and Frosted only)

Additional Information:
Not dishwasher-safe