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Duck & Duckling by Architectmade

Duck & Duckling by Architectmade

$111.00 CAD

n 1959, an iconic photograph was taken of a Copenhagen policeman escorting a family of ducks across a busy street. The ARCHITECTMADE Duckling was inspired by that moment's peace and serenity. Made out of teak and softly gleaming in teak oil, the baby Duckling is ready to follow his mama Duck anywhere--even across the street.
ARCHITECTMADE offers design objects made by Denmark's most celebrated architects--Kristian Vedel, Peter Karpf, Jorn Utzon and others. Their designs are simple in form and function yet full of creativity and passion.
The Duck & Duckling is available with the following: 
  • Made of teak
  • Coated with Clear Matte teak oil
  • Handmade
  • Designed by Hans Bolling
  • Dimensions:
  • Item: Height 3.54" (duckling)
  • Item: Height 7.09"