Forma Bowls by Homegaard

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Forma is a product line with heavy sculptural constructions in solid glass, with roots in the historic Bauhaus era, where forms such as cubes, spheres, and cylinders serve as the primary shapes. 

Forma holds the same graphic strength in the form of massive geometric shapes that intersect. The strong language of form works with the negative space around the construction and thus how the brain reads the fusion of the forms. The bowl is made of pressed, clear glass. The glass has a textured surface on every side, which gives a subtle contrast to the very strict geometric shapes. The bowl stands beautifully as a sculptural and decorative centerpiece or set together with other Forma pieces.

Materials: Machine pressed glass

Diameter 21 cm, Height 11 cm
Ø15: Diameter 15.5 cm, Height 8.5 cm